PFA's Strategic Plan
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Pedorthic Footcare Association's Strategic Plan 2014 and Beyond 
The Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA), founded in 1958, is the not-for-profit professional association which represents the interests of the certified and/or licensed (credentialed) pedorthist and supports the pedorthic profession at large. A pedorthist is an individual who is trained in the management and treatment of conditions of the foot, ankle and lower extremities, requiring fitting, fabricating, and adjusting of pedorthic devices.

Through PFA's efforts, pedorthics – the management and treatment of conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower extremities requiring fitting, fabricating, and adjusting of pedorthic devices – is a well-established allied health profession which makes an invaluable contribution to public health.

PFA's mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of credentialed providers of lower extremity pedorthic modalities through education; increase the demand for services through marketing; and promote the right to practice through government affairs activities.

Goal 1: Promote Advocacy and Government Relations

Specific Objective: Advance state licensure practice acts for pedorthists by:
1. Continuously monitoring for legislative activity in each state currently without pedorthic or O & P licensure.

1a. Charging PFA's State Licensure Subcommittee with the following mandate:

"The charge of the committee is to protect the Scope of Practice as defined by the PFA Model Licensure Bill in states that are contemplating licensure for pedorthists.

In states having licensure, to work within the legislative structure to ensure that pedorthists in the state may practice pedorthics to the full extent of the Scope.”

2. Revising as necessary PFA's model pedorthic licensure legislation.

3. Developing convincing arguments in favor of state pedorthic licensure for those individuals/members who may be opposed to licensure.

4. Building consensus amongst the membership in states where licensure is pending to determine their interest in pursuing pedorthic licensure.

5. Developing grass roots advocates within the membership to advance licensure legislation "on the ground” in states considering licensure.

6. Seeking opportunities for PFA to testify in favor of licensure legislation.

7. Seeking opportunities for PFA to have a seat at the table during the regulation writing phase following legislative passage.

Specific Objective: Interact and build relationships and coalitions between PFA and other healthcare professional's organizations by:

1. Determining benefits of (causes, reasons) and organizations to join forces with at the state and national level.

2. Determining level(s) of cooperation.

Specific Objective: Continue to monitor and respond to legislative and regulatory issues potentially impacting the profession by:

1. Continuing regular visits to offices of Members of Congress.

2. Seeking opportunities to meet with CMS officials.

3. Working together with APMA, AOPA and PFOLA, to name a few, on issues of mutual interest.

4. Subscribing to federal and state legislative and regulatory monitoring service.

5. Further refining existing, and developing new position papers as needed on issues of interest to pedorthics.

Specific Objective: Monitor private and state insurance agencies regarding implementation of various aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), especially as related to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) by:

1. Seeking out and subscribing to a monitoring service that can provide up-to-date information on private and state implementation of various aspects of the ACA.

2. Developing position statements in response to positive or negative facets of implementation.

Specific Objective: Continue to encourage the need for member participation in grassroots legislative/regulatory efforts by:

1. Developing a convincing thought piece on the need for members to care about, understand and become engaged in grassroots efforts to protect and advance their profession.

2. Developing the need for members to form state chapters of PFA.

Specific Objective: Continue to retail Bill Applegate with Bryan Cave as outside federal lobbying counsel by maintaining an annual agreement with Bill and Bryan Cave.

Goal 2: Deliver Impactful Marketing and Public Relations

Specific Objective: Increase awareness of pedorthics and pedorthists amongst the general public by:

1. Continuing visits with various federal-level decision makers, including legislators and regulators.

2. Working with symbiotic organizations to develop an awareness of the profession with their membership and the benefits of cooperation.

3. Continuing to enhance the public information section on PFA's website.

4. Redesigning PFA's consumer brochure series with a more modern look and update the content if necessary.

5. Seeking opportunities to present pedorthic content at other national and/or state healthcare conferences and in other healthcare publications.

6. Revisiting the benefits of exhibiting at other healthcare conferences, whether national or state level events.

7. Seeking opportunities to talk about pedorthics to the media.

8. Seeking placement of public-interest articles about pedorthics in national and local publications.

9. Targeting VoTech and community college students, as well as AT and similar students, regarding the benefits of becoming a career pedorthist or adding the credential to their current educational track as a beneficial add-on.

Specific Objective: Work to redefine pedorthics as more than diabetes, the diabetic foot and Medicare. In messaging, continuing education, branding, etc., embrace the entire scope of practice, all lower extremity pathologies and pedorthic modalities by developing a thought piece on all that pedorthics can be, and work with ABC and BOC to promote this message.

Specific Objective: Assess the value/benefit of hiring a communications/marketing professional to address PFA's outreach to its various stakeholder groups by determining the need and benefit of hiring such an individual.

Specific Objective: Assess the benefit of additional social media channels and the creation of a content strategy by:

1. Determining what social media outreach can provide to PFA.

2. Comparing other similar organization's social media outreach program and the time/resource commitment to keep it going.

3. Determining the usage of social media by pedorthists and its viability as a PFA channel of communications.

4. Developing a social media content strategy.

Specific Objective: Evaluate PFA's website to determine how the organization can better optimize search engine recognition.

Specific Objective: Evaluate PFA Online and determine type of content and assess moving toward more of a member newsletter, while maintaining the "scholarliness” of Current Pedorthics magazine by conducting a readership survey to determine how people perceive and use PFA Online versus Current Pedorthics.

Specific Objective: Conduct a PFA member services/products/deliverables survey to determine perception of existing member benefits and what could be added based on member need.

Goal 3: Develop Education and Promote Research

Specific Objective: Charge the education committee (COPE) to focus on creating methods to drive younger students into the new pedorthic pre-certification program; promote the benefits of the increased educational standards to concerned parties, by:

1. Developing an outreach program targeting students in high school/VoTech programs, community colleges, other related healthcare programs (AT, PT, etc.).

2. Developing a thought piece on the need for increased quality of pedorthic pre-certification education, with comparisons to the pains that physical therapy, orthotics, prosthetics and chiropody went through when they increased their educational standards. Tie in the meaning of higher standards for the public and the benefits to be derived by the professional.

Specific Objective: Deliver continuing education content that satisfies current credentialed pedorthists by:

1. Conducting a survey of pedorthists to determine what they want to see in continuing education programming.

2. Determining the most advantageous delivery method(s): webinars, in-person regional seminars, symposia, etc.

Specific Objective: Assess partnering with vendors to develop business ownership/leadership content (business/clinic owners retreat, for example) by surveying Regular Company Members/other owners to determine the interest in an in-depth, owner-related, annual business retreat to a high end location.

Specific Objective: Raise the level and quality of the clinical education and increase the quantity and focus of the business/retail education provided by PFA at its annual Symposium & Exhibition and elsewhere by aggressively seeking abstract submissions and go after specific speakers to meet these criteria.

Specific Objective: Enhance delivery of ICD-10 transition education by:

1. Conducting webinar(s).

2. Writing articles for publication in Current Pedorthics.

3. Stocking PFA's Resource Center with ICD-10 manuals and other resources.

Specific Objective: Provide ongoing high quality continuing education courses via webinars and in-person regional seminars to enhance professional development and generate CEUs, while not putting attendance at the Symposium & Exhibition at risk by:

1. Developing an AFO course combining on-line and in-person elements that would provide current credentialed pedorthists the ability to fit and dispense less sophisticated AFOs, following the content of the new pre-cert course covering this topic.

2. Continuing to seek out quality speakers and content to deliver via webinar.

3. Delivering one continuing education webinar each month.

4. Ensuring that costs are commensurate with CEU count, content and convenience.

5. Planning quarterly regional seminars on various, targeted topics.

Goal 4: Provide Robust Member Benefits

Specific Objective: Produce pedorthic outcome studies supporting the efficacy of the work done by pedorthists by:

1. Researching potential grants that PFA could apply for.

2. Developing a program to teach pedorthists the nuts and bolts how-to of conducting outcomes based research.

Specific Objective: Develop clinical and retail pedorthic facility best business practice guidelines by developing a business practices manual for pedorthic facilities.

Specific Objective: Develop an ombudsman committee to respond to questions posted to the web by seeking volunteers from amongst the membership, guided by the board, for this effort.

Specific Objective: Seek EHR and coding/billing service providers as member benefits/PFA royalty generators by carefully screening potential providers and then educating the membership on the selected product/service through a webinar.

Specific Objective: Deliver a superlative annual educational and networking symposium and exhibition by:

1. Ensuring a quality mix of content.

2. Ensuring heavy traffic for exhibitors.

3. Seeking desirable destinations for the event.

Specific Objective: Provide a timely and high quality professional publication solely dedicated to the pedorthic profession by continuing to build upon the quality design and content of Current Pedorthics magazine with writers from other healthcare professions, "out of the box” topics, research articles, etc.

Goal 5: Ensure Financial Stability for PFA

Specific Objective: Create a reserve fund policy and an amount to contribute on an annual basis by:

1. Developing a reserve policy.

2. Determining reserve amount per year as percent of revenue or fixed amount and include as an expense item in budget.

Specific Objective: Ensure a profitable annual Symposium and Exhibition by:

1. Increase registration fees $30 across each registration category.

2. Diligently maintain control on costs by RFPing A/V, exhibitor company, etc.

3. Work to sell out exhibit hall.

4. Seek 450 attendee registrations through aggressive marketing of quality program and high CEU content.

5. Determine the feasibility of co-locating or co-hosting a conference with another healthcare organization such as the Pedorthic Association of Canada, the American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association, the American Podiatric Medical Association, etc.

Specific Objective: Research and develop new royalty-producing products and services that might be viable for the membership by utilizing the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) as a source for member service providers.

Specific Objective: Resolve the Second Pedorthic Text publishing issue and devise marketing and sales plan; consider translation of "Introduction to Pedorthics” and the "Professional Shoe Fitting Manual” to other languages by:

1. Terminating the agreement with current technical editor.

2. Determining the status of each chapter.

3. Determining cost to proceed to final publication versus utilizing content for other options.

Specific Objective: Assess marketing "Current Pedorthics” subscriptions to other healthcare professions by trial ballooning a subscription offer to an American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) mailing list.

Specific Objective: Annually review PFA's fees for membership, Resource Center, webinars, the Symposium & Exhibition, and Current Pedorthics advertising, to ensure that PFA is at least keeping pace with inflation and its cost to do business by conducting an annual review of PFA's expenses, expenses per member, and current fees for membership dues, advertising, Symposium, Resource Center, etc., and increase fees as appropriate during budgeting process for following fiscal year.

Specific Objective: Grow PFA's membership by 10% in FY2014 by:

1. Designing new membership recruitment brochure.

2. Utilizing PFA's presence at the Wisconsin Athletic Trainers' Association (WATA) conference to build awareness and promote membership.

3. Following-up with WATA attendee recruitment mailing.

4. Producing additional membership promotions to ABC and BOC mailing lists, as well as state licensure lists.

5. Utilizing board members to recruit locally.

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