Affordable Health Insurance Program Brings More Value Added Benefits to PFA Members
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Affordable Health Insurance Program Brings More Value Added Benefits to PFA Members

The Pedorthic Footcare Association is pleased to introduce a partnership with Association Health Programs (AHP).

The PFA/AHP member benefit will help members reduce the rising cost of health insurance.  The following benefits are nationwide.  The programs include health insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, cancer coverage, accident insurance, disability income, critical illness, dental insurance, vision and more.

These benefits will allow you to take advantage of better insurance coverage at the lowest possible rates with its new comprehensive health insurance program for individuals, families, groups and businesses.  Long-term care and life insurance are being offered with savings up to 40 percent below market rates for PFA members and associates.

AHP, Overland Park, Kan., a nationally well-known company, was retained to administer the program.  Stuart Pase, president and certified senior adviser, welcomes all PFA members to take advantage of these special benefits, protection, underwriting and pricing.  Our members will join the clients of AHP, which include over 130 associations with up to two million members over the past 17 years.

Members that currently purchase their own insurance and members that offer health insurance coverage for their employees, need to take a moment to compare their existing plan to a plan that utilizes the PFA/AHP buying power.  All national "A” rated insurance companies are available to you. Members can receive enhanced benefits for themselves, their families and their employees – both full and part-time.  Programs are comprehensive and all-inclusive and include health savings accounts, co-pays, choice of deductibles, routine care and prescription drug coverage.

In addition to health insurance, PFA members between the ages of 45 and 75 should inquire about the new comprehensive long-term care insurance.  All policies include home health care, assisted living and nursing home care.  As average life expectancy lengthens, people do not want to lose their assets, their freedom of living environments or become a burden to their family and friends.  With the proper funding now, you will have the money in the future to provide for very expensive services in your home and/or assisted living or nursing home care – at a time when financial ruin can take all your assets and choices away.  PFA/AHP offers members access to every long-term care insurance company on a national basis with savings that cannot be obtained by yourself in the marketplace.

PFA life insurance programs include term life insurance, universal life insurance, whole life insurance, key person and buy-sell insurance. People who smoke, have diabetes, overweight or other high risk medical conditions can be helped many times with preferred rates. We specialize in hard-to-insure high-risk cases.  As a member benefit, PFA/AHP will compare your current rates and 95 percent of the time, the partnership will guarantee better coverage and lower costs.

For a free evaluation of your current benefits, please contact Stuart Pase at 888-450-3040 or visit

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