ABC Revises Scopes of Practice
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ABC Revises Scopes of Practice

The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc. (ABC) has recently revised its Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics Scope of Practice.  The updated, forward-looking scope -- with its primary focus on public protection and acknowledgement of the evolving nature of education and training -- clearly delineates each scope of practice and the specific responsibilities of all ABC credentialed individuals, including Certified Pedorthists (C.Peds).

"One of the characteristics of any profession is that it establishes its own standards and directs its own practice,” said Robert Lin, CPO, FAAOP, President of ABC's board of directors.

The new Scope of Practice document was developed by the Scope of Practice Task Force, comprised of 12 people, including three Certified Pedorthists, Ted Colaizzi, C.Ped., CFo; Michelangelo Scafidi, C.Ped., CFo; and Dennis Janisse, C.Ped.  "The active and decisive contribution and participation of these three individuals was crucial to our success,” said Cathy Carter, ABC's Executive Director.  The final document from the task force was completed and approved by ABC's board of directors in March.

The C.Ped. Scope of Practice serves as a concise outline of pedorthic skills and responsibilities.  The new C.Ped. scope has been updated from the Board for Certification in Pedorthics (BCP) edition that was revised in March 2003.  "I think it is very positive that the pedorthic Scope of Practice changed very little from the 2003 version.  It demonstrates that we've been hitting the mark for a long time.”  said Janisse, "We did add a very comprehensive delineation of the six domains of practice and specific tasks within those domains.”

The new Scope of Practice, in conjunction with the Practice Analysis of Certified Pedorthists, will help ensure the orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic care being provided to patients is safe, effective and of the highest quality.  A complete copy of the Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics Scope of Practice can be viewed at For a printed copy please contact ABC at

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